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Your simple guide to understanding carrageenan uses

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Natural ingredients are filled everywhere and many has been used since the beginning of time by communities to get relief from several health complications. You may not have heard about carrageenan much but this is a food additive that is derived from red seaweed is used for a number of purposes in several industries, especially the food industry. It is a natural binding and thickening agent and has the potential to give any edible product the distinct look and dimension that it is known for. Initially it was used as a treatment towards common cough and cold and even other complicated diseases. In recent times it has been used in food products and several other industries as well. There has been a lot of confusion regarding food grade and degraded carrageenan and it is time that you got the information cleared.

Clear carrageenan confusions

Poligeenan was initially described as degraded carrageenan that actually led to the confusion. Both carrageenan and poligeenan are completely different. The latter goes through an acidic bath to reach it dredged form and is by no chance used in the food industry or similar.

what is carrageenan

Hence there need not be any fear regarding the use of carrageenan in daily products. Even in baby food, this addictive is being used and has been certified as completely safe. Hence there is no reason to be conflicted about. You daily dose of carrageenan in meat, milkshakes, deserts, pudding and ice cream is not going to harm your health.

You daily carrageenan

There are no carrageenan side effects as research is concerned. It has been used in several products since ages and so far there has been no complaints regarding it. It is a strong binding agent and is used in lubricants, toothpaste, soda, pet food, shampoo, marbling, shoe polish and in a lot more diverse products. Considering that it is being used in so many products all over, it is genuinely safe to say that there is no way you are going to be harmed by it even after food committees have approved of it.

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