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Do all the machines give same accuracy?

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Do all the machines give same accuracy?

If you are up to taking a lie detector test for yourself or for your partner you must not follow the results of the machine blindly

The best approach

You must remember that when your partner understands that you do not trust him or her it already becomes a strained situation which could get worsened if you ask them to take a lie detector test. So it is always the best approach to first go and confront face to face and try to bring the truth out. But, if the other party is in complete denial and does not give satisfactory answers then it is the best to search for a good lie detector test such as 

lie detector test

Is the machine totally reliable?

You must always give the benefit of doubt to your partner because many a time the machine gives results that are either false positive or false negative. The machine is only man-made and there are fair chances of error in any machine. This machine is most of the time error free but that cannot be guaranteed 100% of the time.

The reasons behind the machine’s failure

The machine could fail to give you the right results because of the following reasons

  • The examiner must have failed in examining the examinee properly and could not frame the right kind of questions that would elicit the right kind of response.
  • The examiner must have failed t interpret the graph obtained correctly. This is one of the most commonly made mistakes and this is the reason that one should look out for experienced and educated examiners like those at
  • The examinee is a great liar and forged all his responses by clever means. This is a possibility if you are dealing with an expert and professional liar.
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