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What is the strategy to be employed when playing roulette

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Roulette is one of the most popular of all casino games. This holds good for sites such as agen 88tangkas or even real world casinos. Agen 88tangkas and other sites see people who play on the roulette table for hours at a time in a hope of winning a huge windfall. Here are strategies that can be employed.

Mathematically speaking if your stake is doubled after a loss, you stand to win back all your money. However, in reality, when on a losing streak, you may make some large bets and may not even have the money to back the bets you are making. This is a sure shot method for failure. This system is known as Martingale. The other strategy is called the anti-martingale where you need to double your stakes when you win.

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The other strategy is for example you take 6 numbers from 1-6. You need to bet the total of the last and first number which in this case would be 1+6 =7. In case you win, this number is added to your sequence. So you will now play 1+7 = 8. In case you lose, you will remove both the first and last number so you will be left with 2-5. Then you will follow the system and again bet with 2+5=7. This helps you to limit your losses.

There is the d’Alembert method where if you bet on 10 red units and you win, then you will bet on 9 during the next spin. If you lose, you will bet 11. However, in this method you could end up losing a lot.

There are various ways one can try to predict but at the end of it, it is still a game of chance. This should be played as a game of enjoyment and one should limit their risk.


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