Get the house cleaned with the help of tea tree oil

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Get the house cleaned with the help of tea tree oil

Time and again we have to go to nature for our addition of natural resources at home and bring about a change in the house. With so much of dirt and dust around cleaning the house with the chemical based cleansers may look easy and sorted but they don’t kill the microbial insects which stay at home. And thus people just start getting sick and cough and cold is like a regular activity. To get rid of the dirtiness and have a better cleaned house, one should make use of essential oils in their cleansers. Tea tree oil being the best in this field, you can know about the facts on

Clean your house with tea tree oil

Cleaning the house with tea tree oil is a great way as it not only gives a good aroma but due to its anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antiseptic properties it is the perfect way to clean just about anything. Take 2 cups of hot water and half a cup of vionegar and mix about 10 drops of bio tea tree oil in the liquid and give it a nice mix. You can use this as a spray to clean the mirror, doors, windows, fans etc. You can also make a spray of the tea tree oil, lavender oil and water to make it a good source of room spray for the house to be smelling good and free of virus.


How to purchase tea tree oil?

Tea tree oil is available exclusively across stores but with the new additions of brands and purchasing it from Australia the land of tea tree oils you have to visit the website As they have the best tea tree oil for you and you shall be able to get the most of it in a quality and natural extract of tea tree oil from its source i.e. Australian Paperbark tree.

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