Tips to Decorate Home with Wall Paintings

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The walls of the home need makeover and renovation from time to time. One can think of painting the walls with two contrasting colors or same color with different tones and one feels that space has been changed and style has been added.

However, only by coloring the wall everything is not achieved and something is missing to make the place look complete. The special item that can add the feeling of completeness to the walls could be beautiful landscape scenery painting, abstract canvas art painting, sunset painting of the sky in colors such as gorgeous orange-red having tints of violet, photos of your loved ones, your pet, etc. The paintings are that extra special item that will provide the completeness to the wall. The tips of putting the paintings in the right way are:

diy canvas art

  • The right height of the painting should be known by the professionals. The managers of the gallery recommend that the paintings should be hung at 58 inches from the floor. The distance is usually measured from ground to center of the painting. The 58 inches is decided as this is the average height for eye and one can properly light up the painting. If the painting is hung too high, it will be lost in the entire space.
  • Grouping of the paintings together in the wide wall create a feeling of completeness. One can even create a collage of all the paintings with respect to either by themes, frames, or family members. However, if too many styles are grouped together then the wall will look clumsy and too busy resulting in an unbalanced wall. One can segregate the paintings in terms of abstract canvas art paintings, portraits, family photos, fresh paintings, etc to arrange them properly on the wall.
  • One should combine the correct furniture of the proportionate size matching with the painting. The correct balance between painting and furniture underneath brings out harmonious results and highlights both painting and the furniture.

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