How it is proven that carrageenan is safe?

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It is common for anyone to be perplexed and confused about using something if someone else had deemed the substance to be unsafe. We obviously do not want to risk anything and typically health and well-being when it comes to using something that people consider harmful. We should however not just start our bid to neglect these substances without knowing the truth. We can surely find out about the facts about the substances in question without having to spend any money on the same before we come to a conclusion. This is because in case the substance is deemed to be safe for use then we might not want to ignore it as it might have its own benefits which we might have overlooked.

carrageenan is safe

Food grade carrageenan

The use of food grade carrageenan is quite common these days with many things that we use. Starting with milk products to medicines, this food grade additive is being used quite frequently by many companies all over the world. Obtained from red seaweeds, this substance is said to be used as a natural thickening agent which also in turn helps to keep the food preserved for longer periods. Food grade carrageenan is also used in the pharma industry it is used as an alternative to animal based gelatin and many other tablets we consume as well.

After extensive and independent research, studies and laboratory tests on both laboratory animals and human beings it is proven that carrageenan is safe to be used as an additive. The FDA has approved of its use in the pharma industry and WHO has approved of its use in the food and beverage industry as well. This way it is proven that it is a safe additive to use by the governing bodies of our country and is also by many organizations all over the world.

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