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If you check the net, there are several slitherio hack sites, which gets you wondering why there, are so many of these slitherio hack sites, which are there. Well, putting it very simply, this game is one of the best browser games which are online that are there. People who want to only compete with themselves as well as those who love competing with other people as well use this game.

This game is extremely simple to learn and to play as well. It consists of a snake which needs to grow and become bigger. In order to grow, it needs to eat it’s opponents. The opponents are not eaten live per se but the opponents dash against another snake or dash against a wall, they turn into pebbles. These pebbles when eaten the snake grows.

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This game has easy controls and all the player needs to remember is that he should not allow the head of his snake to dash against another snake’s body or any wall for that matter. The best method for doing so is to coil itself around and keep the head slightly inwards of the coil so that there is no fear of dashing other snakes. Also, when there are large amounts of pebbles as a large snake has been killed, rather than running with the rest of the crowd and getting killed in the process, the player should quietly bide their time and eat only the survivors. That way, the number of snakes to watch out will be fewer and the survivors will provide enough pellets for the players snake to grow. Another method is to encircle a snake and so the snake has no option except to be eaten by you. These are some ways to go ahead in the game instead of using slitherio hack sites.

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