How to Make a wooden hammock stand?

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When the summer is arriving, we think of a backyard hammock where we can take weekend sunbathing and afternoon naps. Quietlyswinging with the breeze, hammocks bring paradise beaches to mind. People who have wooded backyard can easily install hammocks; they will only need to attach strong bolts to two close by trees and fix every side of the hammock to voila and a bolt, an outdoor sanctuary. But people who don’t have wooded yard, they will necessarily need a hammock stand.Purchasing a wooden hammock stand from the market can be costly; hence this guide talks about some basics of creating one stand from the wood.

Where to Begin

wooden hammock stand

While making a hammock stand, you must consider the balance first. The stand has to be strong enough for you to take relaxing nap.Means the wood beams has to be strong enough so that it can bearthe weight of minimum two persons, plus the screws and bolts used has to be capable to wit to the strain. Remembering this, many woodworkers suggest buying a wooden hammock stand plan before begin the process.

What Materials to use?

You can build the stand from reclaimed, used, or new wood.If you are about to use old wood, you should watch cautiously for symptoms of dry decay before starting. Since the wooden hammock standwill reside external, it is also suggested that you use good climate-resistant wood.In terms of the wood size, the braces and beams of stand have to be at least 3×2 inches and if possible bigger. It is also important to correctly evaluate the length of the wood before starting the creation.The most common materials to be used are different bolts and screws, for much of the structure.For utmostsafety and stability, the majority ofprofessionals suggestbuying 12mm diameter bolts or bigger. You will also need many decking screws to finish the work.

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